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GTC For Free

The perfect solution for non-profit organization fundraising events!

What Is ‘GTC For Free’?

  • GTC For Free is a fun and exciting way for non-profits to expand their impact by increasing their patron base and raising funds through the use of our game trucks
  • Our goal is to donate our game truck for 365 events to benefit local non-profits every year and raise $1,000,000 per year in donations for local non-profits that make a positive impact in our community

How Does It Work?

  • Register your non-profit organization in our ‘GTC For Free’ program
  • We bring our game trailer to your event and supply video game coach for you FOR FREE!
  • 3 Hour Event
  • You choose ticket price and we sell tickets for entry to the trailer.
  • Non Profit Keeps 100% of revenue made from ticket sales.
  • We create Promo Code handouts for your non-profit.
  • Any time the Promo Code is used on our website your non-profit will earn up to 20% of each booking.
  • We create a link on your website or post on social media, you keep up to 20% of all bookings made through the link.

All We Ask…

  • Register your non-profit in the ‘GTC For Free’ program
  • Utilize our free marketing tool to email and direct mail your patrons about the availability of the game truck
  • Set up registration link on your website, or post link (social media)
  • maintain a minimum of 10 bookings per year to remain enrolled in the program

What’s Included?

  • 1 Free event
  • 1-20       Bookings per year 10% Donation
  • 21-30    Bookings per year 15% Donation
  • 31+        Bookings per year 20% Donation + Bonus Free Event
  • Refer another non-profit and earn an additional Free Event
  • Free mail invitations to your sponsored events
  • Free Promo Code Handouts
  • Free HTML Email invitations for your sponsored events
  • We do all the work!
  • Only age appropriate games!
  • Our Game Truck is a great way to draw attendees to any event!

What Our Events Produce

  • Free Event
  • 48 kids x $5 for 20 minutes = up to $720 per hour for your non-profit
  • Free Event = $2,160 PLUS!!!
  • 1-20    Bookings per year $300-$600
  • 21-30Bookings per year $945 – $1350
  • 31+Bookings per year $1860 + additional event =$2160

How Do We Reach Our Goal?

With YOUR Help! If we can provide our trucks for an average of ten GTC4Free events weekly we will generate $936,000 in direct donations to non-profits ANNUALLY.  We need to make sure that EVERY non-profit in our service area knows about this program. Please share this program with your church, community organization or any other non-profit you know about and together we can help our communities become a better place for everyone to live.

GTC4Free Application