For us to hold your event date, a $100 deposit is required. The remaining balance is due when we arrive at the event. Rain or shine we will be there. Deposits are non-refundable, but can always be transferred to another time if that time slot is available. All transfers must be made 10 days prior to the event. Events that are canceled within 48 hours from the scheduled time, or if we show up for an event and no one is present, you will be charged the full amount.
Yes! Please contact us for the Invitation information.
Yes! Every party will receive free party favors.
While we do not this accommodation, we can put you in touch with a variety of food service companies upon request.
To keep your event safe, manageable and comfortable, we suggest up to 16 inside the trailer as an comfortable amount and have up to eight more playing on our trailer with outside screens. We can have up to 28 kids playing at the same time is necessary. Best policy is to rotate the guests through 16 at a time.
A maximum of 24 kids will fit comfortably inside the trailer at once.
Game Truck Company is appropriate for ages 7 and older. Children under 7 need to be accompanied by a parent to be in the trailer. We will consider doing parties for our younger audience if the client agrees to limit the number of players to 12 kids or less.
The trailer is roughly 45 feet long. We ask our clients to reserve 60 feet of space to give us enough space if we have to parallel park. Never parking on hill or in a drive way.
Game Truck Company has the best games for Nintendo Switch, XBOX ONE, PlayStation 4. We will have all games on hand for your event and you can decide which will be most suitable for the age group. The customer has control of the games made available for the kids.
Of Course! Our Game trailer is equipped to keep your event cool and fun.
No food or drinks are allowed inside the gaming trailer.
We ask that we have one responsible adult at the event to ensure game selection. But our Game tech will be handling supervision inside the game trailer and you are more than welcome to join!